Relaxing dental surgery

Zoom Teeth Whitening

Teeth can become discoloured over time either as part of the natural ageing process or as a result of the food and drink we consume; smoking is also a major factor. Tooth whitening is a simple and successful way of lightening the colour of your teeth. ZOOM in surgery whitening is the quickest and easiest way to achieve a bright white smile as you get immediate results in just one sitting.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in 5 simple steps

  1. To begin the shade of your teeth is recorded against porcelain shade tabs, this is important because the shade change is gradual, and the full extent of the change may not be appreciated. Often there are teeth which are a variety of shades, and some individual teeth may need additional treatment e.g., dark pigment spots.
  2. The procedure starts with a short preparation to ensure your gums, lips and the skin around your lips are protected leaving only your teeth exposed to the whitening gel and ZOOM light.
  3. The dentist will apply the Zoom whitening gel which is specifically formulated to work with the Zoom Teeth Whitening laser light. The gel and the light work together to gently penetrate the top surface layers of your teeth to remove stains and discolouration.
  4. The gel will be applied for three or four 15 minute sessions for a total time of 45 – 60 minutes, after each 15 minute cycle the whitening gel will be removed from your teeth and re applied. This extra step allows our dentist to closely monitor the shade change.
  5. Once the three – four sessions have been completed a new shade will be taken and you will be given instructions on how to use your home kit.