Relaxing dental surgery

Oral Hygiene

Gum disease known as gingivitis is as big a risk to your teeth as decay and can result in the loss of teeth if it goes untreated.

In some cases patients have advanced gum disease known as periodontal disease and will need to be referred to a periodontist to have more extensive treatment. Periodontal disease can never be cured but can be controlled, regular visits to see a periodontist and hygienist will be required so that they can monitor the condition.

We have two hygienists here at Harwood dental who play an important part in the oral health of our patients. Our hygienists professionally clean patient’s teeth to ensure they are free of any plaque and calculus. They will talk to you about diet and smoking which are the 2 major factors in gum disease and tooth decay. Hygienists work with the patient to find a regime that is tailored to their needs, demonstrating correct brushing technique and different oral hygiene products to ensure effective cleaning and minimising the risk of tooth decay and gum disease in the future.